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🍓 CCA GD Events Calendar!

Oct. 5–16, 2020

⭐️ MJ Balavanera talk (required!)
Thu, Nov 5 2020, 6PM - 7PM

Nov. 6, 2020
Last day to withdraw

Nov. 26–27, 2020
Thanksgiving break

Dec. 15, 2020
Term ends


Fall term is September 02—December 15, 2020

This class is scheduled on Wednesdays from 9am–3pm PDT (CCA time)

9:00AM–11:00: Asynchronous studio, working at your own pace

11:00–12:00PM: lunch break, eat drink water, go outside, get eyes away from screens.

12:00–3:00PM: Synchronous
small group meetings, 1-on-1 meetings with Mary, presentations, and group work, not a 3 hour zoom

This class will meet online for the entire semester. Students will research, design, read, and write asynchronously for the first half of class, then we will have an hour lunch break.

For the second half of the class we will meet synchronously and discuss, watch, critique, and collaborate together, usually in small groups.

Our class is a community and a space to explore personal and potentially difficult subject matter. Respect others and enter our class community with an open mind.   


1. Survey methods of contemporary and historical publishing to inform your creative practice.

2. Generate content as a writer, editor, visual maker.

3. Develop, design/visualize and produce your content for the public in the form of a digital publication.
4. Collaborate with other creative people.


Cultural interest in digital publishing platforms is at an all-time high. In this class, adapted for a remote instructional format, we will do two things. We will conceive and make our own such publications, start to finish. And to inform and inspire our work, we will take a close look at the rich history and ever-expanding variety of these forms. Through studio projects, students will explore the possibilities and limitations of screen publishing and its many platforms. They will be encouraged to push and question the tools available to them in the remote environment.

Recommended platforms to explore

Cab Broskoski, Ekene Ijeoma, and Mindy Seu created, a tool that generates print-on-demand PDFs from channels

Collections, ability to follow others, no ads.

Links multiple websites together! Possibilities are endless! By: This Is Our Work. Example of a website using this: 

Template CMS. This course website was made with Cargo. Free for students (email me for the CCA code)

Works with Dropbox

1. Anna Buckner Collaborative Spreadsheet

2. James Chae’s “Email Play”

3. David Byrne’s Power Point Art, NPR (podcast)

David Byrne, Still, Sea Possibilities, 2003
PowerPoint presentation
© David Byrne

4. Danielle Aubert Excel Drawings (was made using Microsoft Excel, but same idea as Google Sheets)

Itty bitty sites are contained entirely within their own link. Portable, private, easy to share. Itty bitty sites can hold about as much as a printed

A list of lightweight content management systems via Daniel Baer:

 ~~~~ 👽️ OTHER 👀️ THINGS 👀️ BELOW 👽️ ~~~~
Less recommended (because they are either pay models or less flexible models or both), but here if you need or want them


Flatfile for Wordpress